Founder member of SOS, Neil Robinson and campaigner Tony Hillier met with SevenCapital Group Managing Director Damien Siviter on Wednesday (June 30) at the developer’s London office. The meeting was used to discuss the position and priorities of both parties with regards to the Oasis, clarify the current situation with the existing building and reinforce the mutual determination to agree a solution that will see the Oasis reinvigorated and reopened for the community to enjoy for years to come.

Neil Robinson commented following the meeting: “It was a fruitful and friendly meeting. The SOS Campaign is encouraged by the obvious commitment of SevenCapital to a refurbished and renewed accessible Oasis reopening as soon as is feasible.

“We are pleased communication channels have now been opened up amongst stakeholders.”

Damien Siviter added: “Only by everyone working together can we ensure that the Oasis is brought back to life for the community. Our plans for the centre have always been to find the best route to reinvigorating it so that it provides a first-class facility for the community and future generations. In order for that to be achieved we must also ensure we reach a long term viable solution for any new operator.

“I’m very pleased we took this opportunity to discuss this with SOS and confirm that we are both committed to the same cause.”

SevenCapital is currently awaiting news from Historic England confirming whether the Oasis will be listed or not, following which the developer will be able to agree and confirm plans for the centre.

Councillor David Renard, Leader of Swindon Borough Council, said: “I am really pleased the Save Oasis Swindon campaign group now supports SevenCapital’s aspiration for a refurbished and renewed accessible Oasis. We have consistently said that SevenCapital’s plans are the best way forward for the Oasis, and securing its future has always been my top priority.

“The Council will continue to work closely with SevenCapital to ensure the Oasis has a long-term, sustainable future.”