Last chance to be heard! 


You can submit your Oasis demolition objections against Seven Capital’s latest plans here. You have only until Thursday this week (2nd Dec) to do so…

Here are a selection of some of your objections… 

“The iconic dome put Swindon on the map…”

I wish to object most strongly to the demolition of the OASIS.

It has excellent sports facilities and is a major concert venue, able to host all kinds of musical performances and other demonstrations of physical prowess and achievement.

The iconic DOME put Swindon on the map long, long ago and it is an absolute travesty to consider its destruction – and before the listing process has completed, too!

Generations of west country children, mine included, have enjoyed quality family and group times here and consider it madness to destroy this building, particularly in these times of trying desperately to preserve what we have, rather than” knock it down and build another one!”

Surely you know all this? I am at a loss to understand your reasoning…

Yours, in exasperation

Mary J.

“A terrible, short sighted decision…”

I am writing with regard to the plans to refurbish the Oasis leisure centre. I have
seen the plans to get rid of the dome which is the most recognisable asset of this
leisure centre, and also heard there are no plans to keep the concert/exhibition
spaces this facility has to offer.

I would like to express my objections to these plans in the strongest terms – this
leisure centre has been a Swindon landmark for as long as i can remember,
indeed i think it was included in the ‘Swindon scene’ bus stop vinyl graphics the
council installed on Fleming Way years ago, so i am very disappointed to now see
the same council are considering demolishing and rebuilding another leisure
centre in its place which i find a very bizarre idea, the existing building is an
amazing piece of architecture and just needs a refit to restore its former glory.

I used the leisure centre myself as a child, to swim and to attend sports clubs held
there and have very fond memories. And whilst i no longer live in Swindon, i come
back regularly and frankly am embarrassed for the town, as it doesn’t seem to see
the potential in what it has, and all too often the council seems quick to destroy or
leave to decay some amazing buildings.

This building is an amazing source of civic pride and to destroy it would be a
terrible short-sighted decision in my view. I will therefore be supporting the listing
of the buildings and campaigning to save it. Swindon has some real architectural
gems of which this is one, and i would hate to see it gone without carefully
considering all the options.

Shane W.

“Loss of the event space is unacceptable”

The loss of event space is unacceptable. We do not need more muga space- these are
all over Swindon. The event space is well used and gives Swindon an important second venue.
Where do these gigs go instead?

From a sustainability perspective there is no justification for demolition. The embedded carbonrelease is unacceptable particularly so soon after COP26.

Furthermore, given the importance of the Oasis as the last remaining leisure centre of its type it should be preserved.

This proposed building is uninspiring and unambitious. We need a building and facilities that willcontinue to draw visitors to Swindon for miles around.

This will not do that.

Please don’t let this unambitious, cynical plan further dumb down what Swindon has to offer.
Remember the snow dome? This feels like another promise ready to be broken. We already have a building, let’s use it

Ruth B.

“Demise of the iconic dome”

These proposals are completely against what the people of Swindon demand for our
beloved Oasis Leisure Centre.

Not only do we see the demise of the iconic Dome – which makes the Oasis unique – but the loss of the music hall and event space, which the Oasis is famous for. You would not be able to call it the Oasis.

There has been no recent survey of the condition of the dome…

Neil R.

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