In March 23, we have a meeting scheduled with Seven Capital. They are visiting Swindon to meet us, at a location near to the Oasis in North Star. At the meeting will be members of SOS, Labour and Conservative Councillors, Keep Swindon Tidy, as well as Leisure Architect Robert Guy.

Robert Guy worked with the original Oasis architects, who are sadly no longer with us. Robert was inspired by the Oasis Leisure Centre in its early days, which spurred him on to become a Leisure architect himself. He since went on to design many notable Leisure Centres, including Coral Reef in Bracknell. Robert has some great imagination and lots of ideas for slides, etc for the Oasis revival.

The meeting is limited on numbers, so unfortunately members of the public will not be able to attend. Cllr David Renard, Head of Swindon Borough Council will also be in attendance.

We will be meeting to discuss how things will progress with the restoration of the Oasis, as well as discuss concerns about the loss of Sports Hall and sporting facilities. Sport England, and SOS are rightly concerned about this, and want the current level of leisure facilities to remain at the Oasis – especially for a rapidly growing town the size of Swindon. We also want to understand the level of housing expected to be built around the Oasis to pay for the restoration.